A Green Company


A Green Company

Environmental leadership and innovation through experience, technology, and superior craftsmanship.
The American Window Alliance sees building green as the future, not a fad. We are developing earth-conscious solutions in our products with proven environmentally-friendly materials and practices.

Saving Our Planet One Window at a Time

The American Window Alliance (AWA) wants to make the environment in your home as comfortable as possible, and we don’t want to destroy the planet’s environment doing it. We are efficiency experts and our efficiency has many benefits. The most important benefit is the energy you will save. The technology of our InnovativE® glass – combined with our Duralite® composite warm edge spacer – more effectively seals your home and you will use less energy for heating and cooling. The less energy used, the less impact there is on the environment.
Our windows require no maintenance or surface refinishing which eliminates the use of potentially harmful chemicals and sanding – further lessening any impact on the environment. Imagine your home being wrapped in a nice, warm blanket of Alliance windows!
If we all do our part, you and your family will have something beautiful to look at through windows manufactured by the AWA.

Collectively, the AWA recycled over one million pounds of glass.
The glass was returned to glass companies and remade into new glass products.

~Current Environmental Terms~

There are many buzzwords about going green, being green, living green. They are all about making a commitment to the environment and connecting with a greater vision for the future. We are working to the future.

Cradle to Cradle:

Products are designed to be reused, recycled, or repurposed rather than being disposed of in landfills. The products have no material endlife. With our windows your time and investment will last your lifetime. Window components are recyclable.


Incorporating various design methods to increase the amount of natural light that enters a building using windows and skylights to reduce reliance on electricity. You’ll enjoy the beauty of the natural world while saving on your energy costs.

Carbon Footprint:

The measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the greenhouse gases produced (CO2). We strive to be good stewards of the earth and leave no scars. Our window manufacturers cut no trees and cause no erosion. The strategic AWA manufacturing locations minimize fuel used to transport windows. The amount of energy used to transport PVC products is significantly less than energy used to transport other raw materials. Once your high performance Alliance windows are installed in your home, your reduced energy usage further lessens your carbon footprint.

Polyvinyl Chloride “PVC”:

PVC is an inert vinyl-based building material. It has high energy efficiency properties, very little waste, long life and it can be recycled. It is sustainable and very durable. Its inert properties make it the material of choice for storage to keep food fresh and protected. PVC based materials are also used for medical containers such as blood bags, medical tubing, and organ and tissue transport containers. PVC is composed of organic compounds – nearly 60% of the principal raw material is derived from common salt. Ethylene and calcium make up the rest. PVC is an excellent green material. It is energy efficient to produce and to transport. PVC is easy to maintain, has a long life cycle and is very durable. It will not rot or corrode.


Capable of being continued with minimal long-term effect on the environment. Once our windows are installed, there is no need for replacement in your lifetime. Should you ever choose to change your windows in the future, their components are recyclable.

This is just a small portion of our recycling efforts. In addition, we are printing everything we are able to on eco-friendly paper.